It was inaugurated in Pineto the “Mezzo Miglio Blu”, a space where swimming lovers can practice and work in an extraordinary environment, in the safe in the heart of the Torre del Cerrano marine protected area, in full Zone B, An area of the greatest protection for the marine park, where any form of fishing and even anchoring of boats is prohibited. This is the second infrastructure of its kind in Italy after the one opened in Liguria a few years ago, also in the heart of a protected marine area, Portofino. Swimming lovers are particularly fond of protected marine areas not only for the chance to swim undisturbed and because water quality is significantly better in the heart of the AMP. Blue MezzoMiglio consists of a line of five red-orange buoys, 300 meters away from the coastline, which, in their entirety, develop half a mile. Each buoy is indicated by the footpath that swimmers in the simple one-way (red route) or round trip (green path) that develops a full mile. The boom alignment signaling the 300-meter shore line indicates the transit prohibition point for any type of motorboat, also considering a 50 meter range of respect to be kept outside the alignment of the booms.


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