Abruzzo is the fifth region in the world to live in

A research published by Huffington Usa on the 12 best places in the world to go to or retire, rewards Abruzzo. To convince the American newspaper were the golden beaches, the sea and the many mountains. Abruzzo has four parks: … Read More

Rare blue jellyfish found in Pineto

A rare jellyfish was found on wednesday, July 5 in the waters of the Protected Area Torre del Cerrano. It is Porpita Porpita, with a central body of round shape, from which symmetrical tentacles are irradiated. The body is also … Read More

Pineto in the tour of the Touring club and binds the environment “the most beautiful sea”

In the guide of the Touring Club and Legambiente of the quality holiday, stands out in the territory from the conero to teramano, Pineto, with 3 sails on 5  

Trabocchi UNESCO Heritage Site

“The Coast of Trabocchi” is recognized as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) is the stretch of Abruzzo coast between San Vito and Fossacesia. The overflow is a construction made of Aleppo pinewood with a direct platform on the sea anchored … Read More

Abruzzes beechwood is the property of UNESCO

A prestigious acknowledgment to Abruzzo and Italy keeps and consolidates its primacy of Unesco protected areas, collecting 53 wells. Abruzzo reaches the historic milestone of the first human heritage site. 937 hectares of the National Parks of Abruzzo, Lazio and … Read More

Summer at Torre del Cerrano: many and interesting appointments at Torre del Cerrano for summer 2017

Guided tours every day at 11am and 5pm and at 10am, 11pm, 17am and 18pm Snorkeling on Saturdays and Sundays at 8am Laboratory of Marine Biology and Marine Ecology on Thursday at 10 am Didactic laboratories on Tuesdays and Thursdays … Read More

Pineto and its beauties in the episode of Blue Line on Saturday, June 24th

The episode of Blue Line on Saturday, June 24, showed the great beauties of Abruzzo, the sea, the hill and the mountain. Pineto, its Cerrano Tower, the beautiful pine forest and its restorative sea could not be missed. To see … Read More

Abruzzo Open Day 2017

Pìu di 100 avventure dal mare, alla collina, alla montagna, nel lungo weekend del 2 giugno in Abruzzo. Un nuovo appuntamento che l’Abruzzo vuole dare per festeggiare l’arrivo dell’estate e per far conoscere le innumerevoli bellezze di questa splendida regione … Read More