Where we are

Our apartments are located in Pineto, a village on the Abruzzo coast with 12 thousand inhabitants.

Pineto has been focusing for many years on policies to protect the environment in general and, in particular,  has achieved blue flag staus for its beaches for the last 14 years. Among the many beauties of Pineto is its pine forest, the historic one, the Filiani pine forest, which was originally commissioned by a rich Pinetese gentleman in the early 1900’s. Owner of a lot of property in and around the town land, he planted at his own expense, many small pines in a plot lining the beach. These pines were cared for by women who watered each single sapling with water transported with jars wrapped in straw on their heads. Today the pine forest is our great resource, appreciated by everyone, so beautiful, lush and different in the different stretches along its 6 km in length. Pines tall and long in the most historic part and low pines tied together, southwards, at the border with Silvi, just before the Cerrano Tower. Relaxing walks, sports activities, cycling, enjoying a drink while watching the sea, eating delicacies at the many beach huts that flank it.

The view from the sea, while immersed in the water, is unique and beautiful, no other country has a view of this type: pine forest, hills and the Gran Sasso mountain. Another two green lungs characterize our town, the Catucci pinewood, which was born in the 1970s, close to the sea, and which, hit some years ago by a heavy snowfall, saw the destruction of most of its majestic trees. There is a welcoming green lung with low trees, a beautiful and refreshing English lawn, and a cycling track that runs along its length. On the low hill near the centre of the village, about 300 meters from the beach, another oasis of peace develops: the fantastic Filiani park. A mixture of woods and botanical gardens, which in addition to the beauty of the park, conceals within it a surprise: a brand new adventure park with games and amusements, ideal for children and families.

There are 6 routes divided by difficulty, following the path you reach the second level of the park. Here the scenery is spectacular with sea views! The bicycle trail, very impressive, extends for about 17 km, along a beautiful stretch of Adriatic shoreline. The vegetation is spontaneous and wild for the first 6 km, with no construction and concrete: an asphalted cycle track running parallel and close to the sea and the countryside, sheltered from exhaust fumes and various hazards. At  the sixth km you dive into the thick pine forest and continue for a further 8km under the pine trees, until you arrive at the Cerrano Tower, all between scents of salt and pine trees, in a traffic-free area.

Finally, Pineto’s other splendid sight is its Cerrano Tower, one of the oldest coastal fortifications of the ancient Kingdom of Naples. Well preserved, today, it hosts a Biology Center and is home to the “Torre del Cerrano” Marine Protected Area established in 2008, which has made the fortress accessible, opening to sustainable tourism through a series of activities such as guided tours, events on the terrace, Dawn concerts, snorkeling activities on the remains of the submerged harbour, activities dedicated to children, thus enriching the programme of protection and enhancement of the environment.

Abruzzo is a region not yet known, but it is the Greenest Region of Italy with its 3 national parks, the Natural Reserve and the only protected marine reserve, Cerrano Tower.

Abruzzo’s strong point is its cuisine and its traditional foods and wines.

A cuisine ranging from the products that our sea offers to the products of the hills and the mountains.

Our villa is located 20 meters from the sea and the pine forest Catucci and about 200 meters from the pine grove Filiani, and is located in the north part of the village, Villa Ardente district. To the right and to the left of the promenade there are the two pine forests that characterize the town and give it its name. In front of the villa there is a fine sandy beach. About 700 meters away, there is a rocky beach (in these places the beach is still wild and uncrowded), There is also the possibility to choose between organised beaches, paying for deck chairs and umbrellas or frequent the free parts of the beach. Near the villa are all the shops you will need. On the beach, every morning, fishermen arrive to sell their freshly caught fish. From Pineto you can reach various places of remarkable natural and cultural interest, Abruzzo includes several reserves and natural parks; The trips are also organized directly by the Tourist Office of Pineto.